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Article Submission Guidelines

Please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting an article for publication:


Articles submitted to Naked Expat must be written exclusively for Naked Expat and must not have been previously published or submitted to any other publisher or website.


Articles must not be commercial or promotional with respect to any specific product or service. Any such references will be omitted or reworded in general terms. Doing so protects the legitimacy of your article in the eyes of our readership. See credentials section for company affiliation stipulations.


Our readers tell us they are more likely to read short, punchy articles. We recommend a length of approximately 500-1,000 words. Longer submissions will of course be considered and may be spread over two or more posts.


We prefer Microsoft Word documents, as they translate best for our graphic design department. However, you can also send Apple Pages, PDF files or plain text email.


Please include the following with your article:

  • Verifiable contact and credential information (i.e a brief biography of yourself)
  • A high resolution colour headshot if possible

You can provide a Company affiliation link if it relates to the article (one mention), and one method of contact (Web or e-mail address) are permissible. Reference to specific products, services or proprietary techniques are not prohibited.

Review Process

Andy (Naked Expat website owner) reviews all submitted articles. In general, this process takes approximately 3 days. You will receive notification by email as to whether Naked Expat is interested in publishing your article, and a general timeframe for its publication online.

Don’t Panic!

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