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Ding was founded to change billions of lives by accelerating mobile access. As the number one international mobile top-up platform in the world, Ding has been keeping people connected since 2006, when it launched this first-of-a-kind service. Today, Ding’s users have successfully sent over 300 million top-ups globally,

Delivering mobile top-up to millions worldwide

Fast. Efficient. Value.

Worldwide top-up to over 500 networks across 140 countries

Download the Ding app for the fastest, easiest way to send mobile top-up.

The number of prepaid mobile phones is growing and now accounts for 76% of the world’s five billion phones, with one quarter offline and in need of top-up at any one time – highlighting the need for Ding’s frictionless and instant mobile top-up service.

Ding is especially useful when online banking phone recharge doesn’t work because the bank fails to recognise the number!

Many International Banks suffer from these glitches!

Gift Cards

With Ding you can also give the gift of choice for those who matter most. Their new range of digital gift cards are the ideal present for family and friends back home and a great for any occasion.

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