Planning Your Move

Why Mind Maps are so important

If you are familiar with Mind Maps then you will likely appreciate how helpful they are in getting your creative juices flowing. For those unfamiliar with what a Mind Map is, then this post is definitely for you.

You have probably grown up writing lists to remember things. In schools the who education system is based upon lists and note taking. However, it has been proven that lists and notes are the most inefficient ways for your brain to process and retain information.

Unlike endless lists and notes, Mind Maps work the way your brain works – and this is why they are so effective as a tool when it’s time to really think about something and let your imagination run wild. I guarantee that you will look back on any of your Mind Maps and be surprised just what ‘sprung to mind’ when you were creating one.

Moving abroad and living in another country is a huge undertaking, so the more thought and planning that you do the better. Everyone has their own unique reasons why they want to move abroad and your Mind Map is a reflection of what’s in your head. And the great thing is? Your Mind Map isn’t wrong, it’s how you are thinking and only you know you. Mind Maps are unique and a fantastic tool for anyone who’s serious about planning a move abroad.

How to start a Mind Map

I would suggest you search for examples of Mind Maps online to see some examples and get familiar with them. Like I have already said, there is no right and wrong with Mind Maps, but having an idea of how others have gone about them is useful. You will see the use of colours, images, sketches and much more. Have Fun with them and enjoy the process – you will quickly appreciate just how amazing they are in helping you think more creatively.

Some basic things to include in your Mind Map

Why? Where? When? How?

Sounds obvious but these are only for starters. You will find that as you start to drill down into these subjects and really think about them, your Mind Map is likely to need a bigger sheet of paper!

Climate? Long Term Visa requirements? Safety? Health/Disease Risk? Cost of Living? Transport? Lifestyle? Accommodation? Income/Finances? Retaining a home address?

I would recommend everyone gets a copy of one of Tony Buzan’s Mind Map books. He has published several over the years, many via BBC Books (UK). Tony’s Mind Map books are available via all bookstores and online (Amazon etc.)

Tony Buzan info

Anthony Peter “Tony” Buzan was an English author and educational consultant. Buzan popularised the idea of mental literacy, radiant thinking, and a technique called mind mapping, inspired by techniques used by Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and Joseph D. Novak’s “concept mapping” techniques. Although Tony Buzan sadly passed away in 2019, here’s a link to his informative twitter feed: LINK

Get creative – let yourself go!

Who’s to say you just need one Mind Map? You may want to create one for each topic that you feel is relevant. One Mind Map for Why Move? Another for How? or Where? It’s entirely up to you how you go about it and don’t worry if you create one only to throw it away. I’ve done that many times and it’s OK. It’s part of the process. However, you will find that if you stick with it you will end up with some great, highly personalised Mind Maps that include topics you never even thought you needed to consider.

Mind Maps are great for kids too!

Needless to say kids love Mind Maps – and so they should. If you are planning a move abroad with your family, then including them and having them create their very own Mind Map is a fantastic way for them to feel involved. Parents are often surprised and blown away by just what their children are really thinking when they create Mind Maps.

And hey – If you introduce your children to Mind Maps at a young age, then they might just adopt them consistently and bin the pointless lists and note taking they have used previously. Mind Maps have proven far more effective with the learning, creativity and information retention processes of the human brain. They work. Do yourself and your children a favour and start using them.

Mind Maps were used by Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein. Seriously, what more proof do you need?

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