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Cereal or Eggs?

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Which is the better breakfast option?

If you want an easy breakfast, cereal is probably the quickest option, but eggs, whether boiled, poached, scrambled or fried in a dash of oil, are also fast food.

Which is best for your health? Eggs are low-calorie, protein-rich and a good source of vitamins and nutrients. Although they contain cholesterol, it’s not the potentially harmful kind, and contrary to popular wisdom, there are no guidelines on the number you can eat.

Cereal, on the other hand, may be full of sugar – even so-called ‘healthy’ options such as granola and raisin bran. If you choose it, stick to the wholewheat varieties, with no added sugar, and always check the box for added ingredients. Or save yourself the detective work: put your egg into a pan and cover it with cold water, then bring it to the boil while you pop a slice of wholegrain bread into the toaster. Boil the egg for one or two minutes – depending on how soft you like them – and spread the toast with a little olive or sunflower spread, cut up and use as soldiers.


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