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Muesli or Granola?

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They both sound healthy – but beware! Muesli and Granola are generally high in calories as they usually contain a lot of added sugar (and nuts), both of which are high in fat.

Whilst both Muesli and Granola contain lots of healthy raw ingredients such as oats, seeds, nuts and dried fruit, Granola packs in extra calories and fat because the ingredients are coated in a mixture of oil and sugar (or sugar syrup) and then baked – so it’s better to stick to Muesli.

If you are shop-buying, check the ingredients and go for brands where the amount of sugar and nuts is low. Sandwich chains sell Granola with yogurt and fruit purée added. Again, these tempting little pots pack a big fatty calorific punch. At one UK chain, the Muesli contains 304 calories and 9.7g of fat, and their Granola with yogurt contains 579 calories and 20g of fat!

ANSWER: Muesli (if you must) – however by far the best alternative are rolled Whole Oats/Oatmeal as there is zero fat, save what is in the Milk you will add to them.

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