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The Myth of Multitasking

The only way to begin correcting this impulse, this addiction, is to first become aware…

The Attention Economy

Time is money. And your time—in the form of your attention—is your most valuable resource.

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Diet & Nutrition

Margarine spreads or Butter?

If your budget allows, the very best option is Extra Virgin Olive Oil .Popular in…
Diet & Nutrition

Muesli or Granola?

Whilst both Muesli and Granola contain lots of healthy raw ingredients such as oats, seeds, nuts…
Diet & Nutrition

Cranberry juice OR a supplement?

More recent research suggests that cranberry juice capsules rather than juice might be more effective: 200mg of…
Diet & Nutrition

Fish oil supplement OR a multivitamin?

There is a lot of confusing information about vitamins and supplements, which is hardly surprising when…

Travel Essentials

Whether you are travelling Solo or as a Family, having some specifically designed travel gear will make travelling that little bit more enjoyable.

Travel will also be more comfortable, safer and less stressful when you have the right essentials with you.


Quality, well designed luggage is must for any traveller. It will help keep you organised and should last a lifetime.

Stick with established luggage brands. Don’t be tempted by designer brands better known for shoes & handbags!


More than just a Swiss Army Knife. Travel gadgets, travel Tech and travel Gizmos have come a long way over the last few years.

Travel Gadgets are either useful or useless. Checkout the latest, quality travel gadgets that are actually worth considering.

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Whilst both Muesli and Granola contain lots of healthy raw ingredients such as oats, seeds, nuts and dried fruit, Granola packs in extra calories and fat because the ingredients are coated in a mixture of oil and sugar....


01. Fitness

Keeping fit when travelling or living in remote areas can be tricky. In the Fitness section we have tried and tested some excellent fitness gear that is easy to travel with and live with.

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02. Entertainment

Keeping children occupied when travelling can be hard. Likewise, upon arrival many countries do not have a wide selection of quality toys for them to play with. Be sure to get some.

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03. Security

Whether worried about your children, your valuables or your life. Many expats have nannies or housemaids. Know what they are up to when you’re not around, and deter the very real threat of home invasions.

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