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Jump around, fall about in the foam and have lots of fun whilst being physically active!


Jump Yard was the first and largest indoor trampoline park in the Philippines (Manila). It has now opened a venue in San Fernando Pampanga. Jumpers can jump as high as they can, bounce off the walls, and allow themselves to land on a soft bed of foam – and we mean lots and lots of foam! It’s a great way to keep children active whilst having a great time.

Location photo of Jump Yard Pampanga physical fun activities for kids
View from outside
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Marshals on-hand
Jumping fun at Jump Yard Pampanga slam dunk basketball.
Slam Dunk Fun!

You can play Dodge Ball with your friends, fly high in the air and dunk balls in the Slam Dunk Basketball area, or get challenged by crossing the Foam Pit using your feet and whole body – sounds easy – but its not! These and other attractions provide lots of fun for active children of all ages (restrictions apply) read on…

Guest safety and comfort is prioritised and Jump Yard have trained Marshals on-hand at all times. Hydration and energy are important too and for this reason, the restaurant offers light meals and beverages to boost your energy. Don’t worry parents & non-players – you can relax and watch from the viewing deck!

Age Limits?

Children below 3 years old are not allowed inside the arena. Children 3-5 years old are not recommended to jump (most especially with bigger kids) in the trampoline park, since most have not mastered their balancing skills yet.  They will only be allowed at the Toddler Area.  An adult companion is required for children below 9 years of age. Please use your discretion at all times.

Bonding with friends Foam Pit Fun Jump Yard Pampanga
Bonding = Foam Pit Fun!

Height & Weight Limits?

Each trampoline in the trampoline park can safely take a maximum of 150 kg (or 330 lbs.).  There is no height limit.  However, on the Olympic Trampolines, only jumpers taller than 48” (or 1.2 m) are allowed. Obviously it is recommend to everyone that they jump within their own physical abilities!


Reservations are recommended for groups of ten people or more.  Jump Yard accept walk-in jumpers as well, but they cannot guarantee immediate entry into the trampoline area. The number of simultaneous jumpers in the park is controlled in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

Arrival & Prep Time?

Jump sessions are every hour on the half hour (9:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., etc.).  Jump Yard recommend arriving 30 minutes prior to your scheduled jump session. This will give you time to fill out/sign your waivers (if not already done previously), buy your tickets and collect your wristbands, store your belongings, and watch the safety video, prior to starting your session. This will ensure that you get the most out of your allotted jumping session at the trampoline park.

Waiver Policy?

Every jumper needs to have a signed liability waiver on file at Jump Yard Indoor Trampoline Park, prior to getting a ticket and being allowed into the trampoline area. Waivers can be completed and prior to arrival online (follow this link for online registration) and submitted electronically. Alternatively you can print it out and bring a signed version with you. Either way, a photocopy of a valid ID of the signatory must be included for signature verification.

If you are not able to submit your waiver form before your visit, you may fill it out and sign it (adults) onsite, and present a valid ID for signature verification, before purchasing tickets to enter our trampoline park.

IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 YEARS OLD, a parent or legal guardian (who is at least 18), must sign the waiver for you and submit a photocopy of his/her ID for signature verification. Again, this can be done electronically or onsite.

Guru knowledge

TIP! Waivers will remain valid for 1 YEAR if signed online, or 1 DAY if submitted onsite.

Once your waiver is on file in the Jump Yard database at Jump Yard, you will not be required to sign it again until its validity expires.

Party Packages

Jump Yard do celebrations too! Party packages are available for birthdays, special occasions, end-of-school get-togethers, or team-building activities.

Opening Hours

  • Monday – Friday: 12.00 – 18.30
  • Saturday – Sunday: 11.00 – 19.30


Jump Yard Indoor Trampoline Park is located at Paseo Las Palmas Building, Jose Abad Santos Avenue (JASA), San Fernando, Pampanga. Visit for more details. TEL: 0995 911 2039 .

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