Top Business Facts for Angeles City and Clark

Clark Freeport, New Clark City, Clark Global City & Angeles City offer a wide range of corporate facilities geared toward the business traveller and companies.


Angeles City and Clark Freeport & Special Economic Zone (commonly referred to simply as “Clark”) are both in the province of Pampanga, approximately 100KM North of Manila. They make excellent business locations.

Angeles City

Angeles City is geared predominantly towards leisure travellers and tourists. Its congested roads and limited parking facilities mean that for medium or large scale corporate events, logistics can be problematic. However, smaller events and business meetings can be held very successfully at some of the established Angeles City Hotels.


It is fair to say that the vast majority of modern facilities are currently in the Clark Freeport area, as several major international Hotel brands now have operations in Clark, together with established manufacturing companies, call centres, Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO’s) and regional office lets.

Clark Freeport Business Zone

Although most Hotels are located in the Clark Freeport area, rapid development of the area is changing the landscape. Therefore, it should be noted that “Clark” comprises of three specific areas, all of which are expanding at apace. They are: Clark Freeport & Special Economic ZoneClark Global City and New Clark City respectively.

The Clark International Airport is also as its name suggests, located in Clark and provides access to the world via connections to major global airport Hubs in Asia and the Middle East. More detailed travel information and local travel advice can be found here.

Hotels & Conference Facilities

Angeles City and Clark Freeport offer a wide selection of Hotels and conference facilities to cater for corporate events, private meetings, corporate activity days, product launches and seminars. 

From humble beings the province of Pampanga, which includes both Angeles City and Clark Freeport (now commonly referred to as simply “Clark”) has developed into a thriving business metropolis with several high-end Hotels now in operation or under construction.

For the business traveller looking for an ideal venue to conduct meetings or a company seeking to host a professionally managed corporate event there are now several options available.

For business travellers, with very few exceptions Clark is the ideal place to stay or conduct business meetings from. The Clark Freeport area is now very well established, offers easy parking, is close to Clark International Airport (whilst avoiding the notorious traffic congestion of Angeles City) and has numerous modern, high quality Hotels to choose from.

Top Business Hotels in Clark

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Best Conference Facilities in Clark

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Aircraft Charter Services

There are several obvious benefits of using chartered airplanes and helicopters to get around the Philippines. Luckily, Clark has several services available to the business traveller, VIP, high net worth individuals and wealthy families.

Read more about the benefits of Charter Services and the highly respected INAEC Charter Company that have a regional operation based right here in Clark, Philippines.

Ongoing Developments & Expansion

Clark Global City


Clark Global City Business Zone

Clark Global City (formerly the Global Gateway Logistics City) is a planned mixed-use central business district development at the Clark Freeport Zone in Mabalacat, Pampanga, Philippines.

Udenna Corporation is responsible for the development of Clark Global City since 2017. The development was initially meant as a product of Kuwaiti investment and was known as the Global Gateway Logistics City. The groundbreaking of the development took place in 2008.

New Clark City (formerly Clark Green City)


Not to be confused with Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone or Clark Global City.

Clark New City Business Zone

New Clark City is a planned community under development located within the Clark Special Economic Zone in the towns of Capas and Bamban at the Tarlac province, Philippines. It has an area of approximately 9,450 hectares (23,400 acres) and will accommodate up to 1.2 million people. It is managed by the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA).

Construction. Finished in time for SEA Games DEC 2019
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