Dr Martens: Made in Camden – NOT China

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In the Philippines one of the most popular online shopping sites is Lazada. Whilst looking around for some household items I noticed a banner ad on the Lazada homepage advertising Doc Martens Boots for only P1,999. Really? That’s about £30 – I was intrigued.

With a little bit of time studying the images of the Doc Martens that were for sale, they are clearly copies with embossed logo’s on the outside walls of the boots in an attempt (trying very hard) to replicate the iconic Dr Martens brand. Upon further investigation, several shoppers have been duped and have voiced their opinions in the product review sections. Shame on you Lazada.


Counterfeit Dr Marten Boots for sale on Lazada Philippines website.

What annoys me most is that in the photos, the boots are perched on top of an original (looking) Dr Martens box and yet the ‘Title’ of the item for sale states ‘Doc Martens Boots”. Furthermore, when you drill-down into the ‘item description’ these boots are either referred to as ‘Martin Boots’ or ‘Doc Martens’ and state some obscure manufacturers name. Not a ‘Dr’ in sight? Hmm..

Dr Martens

These are what the iconic brand are named.

Doc Martens

This name is fake. The goods are fake.

Martens Boots

This name is fake. The goods are fake.

My guess is that these suppliers on Lazada are able to state to the powers that be at Lazada that they clearly state in the item description these are ‘Marten Boots’ or ‘Doc Marten’ and not Dr Marten Boots”?

Fake doc martens-02

China. Fake!

Fake doc martens-01

Korea. Fake!

Why do Lazada allow these fake examples of such an iconic brand as Dr Martens to be blatantly sold on their website and for unsuspecting customers to be duped. How do they get away with it?


I have sent several emails and internal messages to Lazada via their app and yet to date, all they have done in the last few months is acknowledge my notifications and nothing has been done to remove the numerous examples of mis-selling on the Lazada website.

Anyone that views the Dr Martens website in the UK can instantly ascertain that a pair of Dr Martens aren’t cheap! I accept that Dr Martens are also made in other parts of the world and the Camden UK factory is now (alas) the only venue where they are constructed and finished by hand.

If you are a connoisseur and want a pair of Dr Martens from the original Camden factory – then you will pay a little extra for “Made in Great Britain”. But these are in my opinion, the absolute best.

Even when manufactured in other parts of the world, Dr Martens are going to cost you more than the £30 they are advertised at on Lazada. You get what you pay for. International shoppers need to avoid being duped online and order directly from Amazon.

I write this article as it infuriates me that such an iconic brand as Dr Martens can not only be counterfeited by unscrupulous Chinese and Korean manufacturers, but websites like Lazada condone such practices and do nothing to stop it.


UK Direct

If you are in the UK or have a very dear friend visiting you from the UK, you can order online direct from the Dr Martens UK Camden Factory website. They will come from the original Camden factory. This is the only place Dr Martens are now hand finished. You pay a little bit extra - but you get "Made in Britain" originals and are supporting true craftsmanship!

Shopping Malls

If you are in the US, EU or Asia and are wanting a pair of original Dr Martens, they have concession shops in several upscale Malls. Just Google them and do some research to avoid being duped.

International Online

Dependent upon where you are living, by far the safest way of ensuring you get an original pair of Dr Martens is by ordering via a reputable source such as Amazon.

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