What’s with the name?

Being a British guy who previously attended catering college and trained as a Chef I greatly admired the TV Chef Jamie Oliver. His “The Naked Chef” title was always pitched as Oliver’s approach to cooking, which for its time was stripped back, fresh food, without the over complication of other traditional British chefs. His methods were stripped back to the bare essentials, so that anybody watching the shows could do it too.

Subsequently my career moved into hotel management and studying financial services and investment management in the evenings as my meagre hotel salary was getting me nowhere fast. This eventually enabled me to move professions via a few lucky breaks, tenacity and shear hard work. I was fortunate to meet a very successful finance professional who became a great motivator, my mentor and trusted friend. It was he who introduced me to Self Development, NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming) general psychology and how the mind works. These have proven to be invaluable tools throughout my life.

During my investment career I had the great privilege to work alongside individuals such as Peter Hargreaves (Hargreaves Lansdown Asset Management) now unsurprisingly a multi-billionaire and one of the most successful people to have ever launched, developed and nurtured a company from his bedroom into a Blue Chip FTSE100 company. Absolutely remarkable. The main takeaway from this experience was Peter’s principle of KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Whilst Life Assurance and Investment companies had multi-page application forms and tons of “waffle & jargon” Hargreaves Lansdown would achieve the same thing in a couple of paragraphs. As our friend the Meerkat would later state – Simples!

As an experienced expat living abroad for several years I have experienced first-hand many of the ups and downs of moving and living abroad. In acknowledgement of those I respect and admire the website name and tagline suits my beliefs well:

Naked Expat – Stripped back to basics.

Yes! I do sincerely believe that in business as well as in life the principle of KISS – Keep it simple, Stupid! works, and works well.

Naked Expat – Stripped back to basics.

  • I have lived for short periods in: Brazil, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cyprus, Portugal, Dubai.
  • I have lived for 12 months or more in: Malaysia
  • I have lived for 7 years in Thailand.
  • I have lived for 8 years in the Philippines – Present.

Current lifestyle

I am in my early 50’s and lead a simple life that isn’t particularly exciting. I am glad of this because I have never been one to hog the limelight or seek notoriety. I have been married, separated and I am the father to my son who is both adorable and a little monster rolled into one. Aren’t they all? 🙂

A picture showing the naked expat website owner Andrew with his son. Sitting outside near the beach.

Mini breaks…

My son and I enjoying a weekend away at the beach. Outside of rainy season, a warm climate provides many more outdoor activity options for families.

Yes my marriage failed, but thankfully I am able to maintain relatively cordial relations with my ex-partner (Filipina) and spend as much time with my son as I wish (joint custody). I mention this as an example that moving abroad, living abroad or starting a new life for whatever reason(s) is not and never will be smooth travelling. I have also experienced the death abroad of close friends from accidents, poor healthcare, foolishness, depression and numerous other unforeseen reasons.

Likewise, I have witnessed the breakdown of several marriages, relationships and nursed individuals through very difficult financial times. Some have overcome great hardships, others have packed-up and returned to the U.K. with their dreams shattered.

Why bother?

I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated and angry at the misinformation online about moving abroad. Living in another country is hard work and the better prepared you are the better the chances are of you being happy. There are numerous websites, YouTube videos, Podcasts and Forums online that “Sell the dream” but rarely focus on the negative aspects of living abroad and/or the amount of research needed to make your move successful.

Yes! Living abroad can be absolutely fantastic and you will find many reasons on this website why you should seriously consider it. I would like to think that many of my articles are encouraging enough for you to feel brave enough to do it. However, I do hope that you will also find they are thought provoking and make you stop and THINK too.