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Live the dream…

Straightforward, common sense advice for anyone thinking about moving to another country and living abroad.

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Planning your move

Gain valuable insights into the things you need to consider prior to moving abroad and living in another country. Discover how Mind Maps help you think out of the box.

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Living abroad

This is where the fun starts! Once you have made your move abroad, learn survival tactics to ensure your new life is as stress-free as possible.

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Financial considerations

Articles about retirement, savings and planning for your future life abroad. International Banking, Money Transfer Services and money saving tips.

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Stay safe online use a VPN

Scams & Online Security

If you think it won’t happen to you, then it probably will. Living in another country can be like moving to the Wild West. Learn how to avoid being a victim and stay safe.

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Get insights about products and services of particular interest to expats and anyone looking to move and start a new life abroad.

How many UK expats living abroad

“The U.K. has the 8th highest expat rate in the world – 7% of British people live overseas.”

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