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Container houses in the Philippines

SMARTHOUSE Prefab Container Houses

SMARTHOUSE - a 100% Filipino-owned company, is the pioneer and the leading provider of the all-new Pre-fabricated Container Houses in the Philippines since 2011.
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The SMARTHOUSE Prefab Container House is a Construction technology that offers the FASTEST and most AFFORDABLE solution to build and construct either residential or commercial structures. It is an excellent option for any urgent structural needs with BIG Savings on Labor and Materials as compared to conventional construction.

Living Remotely or Off Grid?

If you plan to live in a remote location, or off-grid, a Smarthouse luxury container home can meet your requirements. There are many locations that may not be accessible for a construction crew and all the equipment necessary to build a home. With Smarthouse container houses there are number of locations you might not have thought possible to have a home!

SMARTHOUSE offers a variety of Prefab Container Van Houses that are well suited for your needs. Being a 100% Filipino owned company, they, at SMARTHOUSE with innovation, can guarantee Fast installation, long life spans, highest strength steel structures, and fully customisable Prefab container houses. They are here to help you and your project with the best quality products in the Philippines offer nothing but excellence and competence.

Actual Finished Project


The company are aggressive innovators whose main focus is to provide shelter for families, workers, and transients by utilising cutting-edge systems that are both cost and time efficient. After years of research into innovative housing systems, their managers, engineers, and architects have developed an impeccable approach to providing comfortable homes for the masses with limited resources. Modern times necessitate modern approaches to construction that can improve time and cost management.

SMARTHOUSE conducted tests and used engineering expertise and architectural aesthetics to develop a prefabricated housing accommodation system that will undoubtedly address the concerns of accommodating informal settlers while also providing simple classrooms, dormitories, and other similar necessities. With an ever-increasing population and the need to house ever-expanding communities, their prefabricated housing systems are unquestionably the best solution for providing comfortable, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing housing.

SMARTHOUSE provide the most affordable prefabricated modular buildings in the country. They design, manufacture, and ship their products all over the Philippines. Everyone can now afford an elegant, fully customisable, and sturdy architecturally designed home.

Their prefabricated homes are resistant to typhoons, strong winds, and earthquakes of up to magnitude eight. They are ideal for both permanent and vacation living because they are not only durable but also fully transportable, making relocation quick and easy.

SMARTHOUSE are doing everything they can to research and apply new technologies in order to provide ideal homes for everyone.

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  1. Hi Good day
    I’m Inquiring for a pre fab housing and quotation.

    2 stories building
    2-3 bedroom
    2 restroom
    120 sq meters
    Location : lucban Quezon Philippines
    For the design of floor plan kindly email me

    Thank you

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